Healing for Your Soul Newsletter

“Soul Wounds” are wounds that permeate our bodies, break our spirit, and wound our soul. We all have experienced a soul wound or two, on this everlasting journey of the soul.  The soul has no beginning or end. It is simply a portion of the fullness of the sum of God, encapsulated and bound by a body which then restricts it with time and physical restrictions. The body then endures traumas, hurts, pains, and losses, that have an impact past the boundary of our bodies. When a person's soul is wounded, it is hard to heal unless the individual is willing to see how the problem has affected not only the body, but the mind, soul, and spirit.

The Banners Exercise:
Do you really want to be made whole? I want you to reflect on the banners that you carry. Banners are those labels, words, hurts, and wounds, that we carry around and we allow to remain visible to others.  We also use banners as crutches or mats, such as the man at the pool of Bethesda in the Holy Bible, in John 5:1-15 King James Version (KJV).  You see, sometimes we carry the stuff with us and drag it and lay on it.  We complain about how it hurts us and who hurts us, and some of us, even take it from relationship to relationship.

I think it is about time you learn how to walk while being healed. Jesus asked the man at the pool of Bethesda, "Wilt thou be made whole?"  In other words, do you really want the change, or are you just intrigued by what being, hurt, broken, and downtrodden rewards you? You see, sometimes when we carry banners, we get rewards from people in our lives.  Rewards?  I hear you likely saying “how am I being rewarded, this thing hurts!” Well, sometimes the rewards are people checking on you, paying attention to you, or how about this one, that we hear down south a lot, "Oh, bless your dear heart."  Sometimes our banners or state of depression in our life circumstances makes it easier for us to stay there.  So, I will ask you this question, "Do you really want to be made Whole?"  If so, let's go on this healing journey!