“Soul Wounds” are wounds that permeate our bodies, break our spirit, and reach our soul. We all have experienced a soul wound or two, on this everlasting journey of the soul.  The soul has no beginning or end. It is simply a portion of the fullness of the sum of God, encapsulated and bound by a body which then restricts it with time and physical restrictions. The body then endures traumas, hurts, pains, and losses, that have an impact past the boundary of our bodies, that break our spirit, and wound the soul. When a person's soul is wounded, it is hard to heal unless the individual is willing to see how the problem has affected not only the body, but the mind, soul, and spirit.  I live, practice, and teach these methods to everyone I encounter who has endured something that is ‘soul jarring,’ meaning something has inflicted a wound that was able to surpass the boundary of the body and affected their soul.  




Are you ready to work on your soul? Are you wanting a deeper connection spiritually on this side?  I offer a Spiritual Direction Program through my Fellowship to help you no matter what walks of faith or belief system you identify with.

When we listen to our soul we tune into that one element of ourselves which is the essence of the Divine.  From our soul is where we can craft the type of life, love, and fellowship with others that we desire.. Healing is imparative to growth and growth yields change.  Change can be a form of metamorphasis, transition, or phase.  Are you ready?












THE SOULHEALERS TM  Academy is launching it's first Certificatin Course!  Are you ready to become a SOULHEALER?  We will discuss Mind, Soul, and Spirit Connections, Soul Intuition and Healing, and will learn ways of Healing such as Reiki, proper Breathing, Mindfulness, Meditation, Soul Dancing, and Soul Painting.  Sign up Begins January 15!