Our Founder

Angel Onley-Livingston

LPC, NCC, PEAT, SEAT, Doula, Reiki II


Welcome to The Mind Soul Spirit Center!

Our Founder wears many Hats! Angel is the Founder of the Mind Soul Spirit Center DBA House of Abba LLC.  In 2002 Angel had a vision for a place for women to heal, grow, and to find support. She wanted to create a place that women could see as a supportive village and wealth of knowledge, information, and spiritual growth. Angel has since become, to some, as The Soul Healing Life Coach, a National Board Certified Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of South Carolina, a Level II Reiki Practioner and a Labor and Delivery and Death Doula. Angel is the Author of Healing While Grieving and Healing Wounds of the Soul; who specializes in spiritual development, personal growth, healing soul wounds, and, relationship development. Angel works predominantly with perinatal and postnatal anxiety and depression mood disorders, trauma, and helping women and adolescents find their soul wounds.  Angel maintains a growing private practice in Conway, SC and serves as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. In addition to being a professional Life Coach, Angel has also presented to general audiences, small groups, and conferences speaking on the topics of “Healing While Grieving,” “Dream Big,” “Discovering You,” “Get Creative,” and “Live From Your Soul!”

       Angel is a collaborative, solution-focused Life Coach. Through this approach, she provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. Angel also integrates coaching techniques, psychotherapy, energy healing techniques, and helpful assignments to offer a highly-personalized program tailored to you. With compassion and understanding, Angel works with you to help build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving.  Angel is intrinsically motivated and have spent the past eleven years working in the counseling arena as an adolescent mental health school based counselor, substance abuse counselor, ordained minister, grant facilitator, applied behavior therapist, data collection and formal presenter and speaker. For the past eleven years, she has focused on the development of children, adolescents, and women in the areas of mentoring, career exploration, mental health and wellness, life coaching and spiritual development. Her strengths include the areas of assessment, gathering information, listening, diagnosing, treating, and helping others heal soul wounds.  Angel is the author of Healing While Grieving and Healing Wounds of the Soul. 


Angel currently owns and practices as an Licensed Independent Provider and National Certified and Licensed Professional Counselor, Doula, and Reiki Level II Practitioner at Mind Soul Spirit Professional Counseling Center DBA House of Abba LLC. In March, 2015, she partnered with McCann Chiropractic Center to offer Professional Counseling Services at their facility in conjunction with learning about the benefits and effectiveness of braincoretherapy to reduce symptoms of trauma, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. In June, 2015, Angel had the opportunity to partner with Coastal Carolina OBGYN through offering Professional Counseling Services in their office space through my business, where she carved out a niche in working with Perinatal and Postpartum anxiety, depression and mood disorders for two years. This gave Angel the opportunity to provide over 860 sessions in the past two years of practice, helping specifically working with women, couples and children, to help them heal.  

Angel's philosophy and theological perspective by which she lives and counsels from, is that we are all a part of God. We are multidimensional beings who exist as a soul wrapped in flesh endowed and empowered through the Holy Spirit. We are God’s great creation; therefore, it is only possible for wholeness to take place through the use of counseling when it treats the whole person. Angel uses the Biopsychosocialspiritual model for treatment, though maybe not necessarily in that order. Everyone that she encounters professionally is treated with respect, love, judgment free, and she meets  them right where they are in their life and help them to devise a life plan that will help them become whole in whatever that may be for them. 

Partnering with OBGYN's, Midwives, Chiropractors and Primary Care Physicians, gives me the unique opportunity to treat people through mental health skills, expressive arts skills, and play therapy skills, and to refer to alternative health methods of treatments for referrals as well as traditional medical treatment. Having the opportunity to see and experience the usefulness of BrainCore Therapy, and other nontraditional medical treatments such as Reiki, Massage Therapy, and Crystal Balancing for many needs, Angel is a believer of those healing practices.

Angel's education background is comprehensive, with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education and Psychology from Coastal Carolina University.  She has also completed a Masters in Professional Counseling with a minor in Mental Health from Webster University. 


Angel furthered my Spiritual Discernment by completing her first year of requirements of a two-year seminary Degree in Masters of Arts in Religion Program of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. Angel was licensed to preach the Gospel in 2007, at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church of Conway, SC.  She was then ordained to the gospel ministry in November, 2011, at Palmetto Missionary Baptist Church of Conway, SC.  On April 7, 2019 Angel was ordained by the Universal Life Church as a Reverend.  On September 28, 2019 Angel Founded and Started Revolutionary Love Fellowship as an Apostle to offer Spiritual Direction for people from all walks of Faith!







Angel was trained in Applied Behavioral Therapy as a therapist and Lead Therapist during the implementation years of a Learning lab within the local public schools, which used a Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Behavioral Therapy. She has received Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training through an in-service training provided by MUSC.  Angel has provided mental health counseling services through the Child and Adolescents Department of the local community mental health facility, by providing services in three local schools through the Safe Schools Healthy Students Grant.

Angel has experience from previous employment in alcohol and substance abuse counseling in clinical service settings where she received alcohol and substance abuse training and supervision. Angel provided individual and group services at the local Alcohol and Drug Behavioral Health Center through the Safe Schools Healthy Students Grant where she provided services for clients in all of the Middle and High School settings of the local school district, in their homes and alternative residential placements.  For a short term, Angel worked in the treatment of alcohol and drug patients in the process of assessment, treatment, and consultation of clients who were being treated with Methadone at a local clinic in Myrtle Beach, SC, however she no longer provides therapy for substance abuse and alcohol addiction. 

ThrouColorful handprintgh her desire to further her education and knowledge in body wise techniques, ethnic practices in healing, and personal growth and development, Angel has completed the PEAT Program in July, 2015, where she obtained a Certificate in Play & Expressive Arts Therapies. A fertile ground for emerging growth. Angel obtained 30-hour Training Program- CEU’s.  This program focuses on the integration of play and expressive arts practices in therapies for adolescents, adults, and couples. It is principally an experiential program, accompanied by some conversations about brain-wise practices in therapy. Training included learning The Body as a Source of Wisdom & Expressive Arts: Weaving a Home Grown Self, Journeying through Wounds, Personal Mythologies, Silenced Stories, Big Dreams, & Alchemical Transformations, Symbolic & Imaginable Worlds: Liberation Arts: Our Personal, Interpersonal, & Transpersonal Practices. 

In October, 2015, Angel completed the Prepare & Enrich training to be a facilitator to help couples live a whole and healthy marriage.  In 2016, she obtained a SEAT Certification with 40 hours of training in Historical Legacies: Ancient Ritual Practices and Kalff & Lowenfeld’s Contributions. Historical Legacies: Di Demenico’s World-Play-Sandtray Contemporary Practices: Mindfulness-Based Sandtray Work & SEAT Practices.  For the past two years, Angel has focused on integrating Sandtray, Sandplay and Expressive Arts Skills into her work to use with her clients throughout the lifespan serving children through geriatrics, helping people heal their soul wounds. Angel's focus, now, is integrating sandtray and expressive arts practices in psychotherapeutic sessions for people of all ages. It is principally an experiential program along with a clinical evidence based model using cognitive behavioral skills, interpersonal therapeutic skills, and psychoeducation, accompanied by conversations about the historical legacie, with brain-wise therapeutic practices.


In 2016, Angel attended the Postparturm Support International Certification of 14 hours of training in Postpartum Support for Perinatial and Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders. A thorough and evidence-based curriculum designed for nurses, physicians, social workers, mental health providers, childbirth professionals, social support providers, or anyone interested in learning skills and knowledge for assessment and treatment of perinatal mood disorders. 






Angel's ne LOVE is BEING A DOULA!!!!

In August of 2019, Angel attended the ProDoula 2 day 20 Hour Education Course to become a Doula where she learned practical skills necessary to provide labor support to women and their families to enable me to help instill strength and reduce fear in the families she serves and supports through pregnancy, birth.



Professional Activities and Memberships
Presenter at the South Carolina Counselors Association 2016 - Many Forms of Grief
National Board Certified Counselor
National Association of Mental Illness

SC Association for Play Therapy